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Contemporary art from private collections for sale


Any representation of a person in art, where the main theme is a face, can be attributed as a portrait. Characters, emotions, even mood - lots of feelings can be transformed by few brush strokes into a piece of art which like no other will attract our attention and thoughts.

Still Life

We are all surrounded by different things we may need or we may not, but which can bring more joy than useful ones. The beauty of insentient subjects is in their simplicity. Here are some very nice examples...

Art Naive

The phenomenon of naive art can be said to have been existing since the prehistoric times when first images started to appear on the cave walls. But as an art style it was distinguished approximately at the beginning of the XIX century as works created by non professional artists. Colourful, detailed, full of sun and summer, they inspired painters to imitate this childlike manner to take us to imaginary faraways.


Different sorts of landscapes and cityscapes depict natural and urban sceneries in various conceptions and styles. They will be a great supplement to any interior and will help your mind to escape from daily routine as far as your imagination can go.


Looking through historical prism we can notice, how beauty standards of human body changes, reflecting generation's taste.


Graphics, sketches, pastels and many other techniques of images on flat surface with particular love to details.


The main aim of this type of art is to express feelings, not subjects. Non Realistic forms, shapes and colors interact in fantastic harmony. They play with our imagination, hiding obvious subjects from our view. Abstract art is very extensive and gives anyone to find his own interpretation.

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